Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Design And Development Services in Nigeria

Powerpoint Presentation Design And Development Guru (B-PWPDESIGN001)

Our Project Research Nigeria experts offer professional services to individuals, companies, NGOs, organizations in running their projects and businesses. Our PowerPoint Presentation Designers deliver original contents with proper referencing from our peer-reviewed team of quality assurance experts to meet global standards.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Create training slides for selling, training, style guides, product development, operations, presentation style, culture, etc.
  • Work closely with Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Product Engineering and other to develop comprehensive training programs/curriculum and collateral training materials in PowerPoint.
  • Responsible for on-going training and certification of PowerPoint use where required.
  • Work closely with client to create effective presentations and materials.
  • Deliver strong, high energy presentations using PowerPoint, video, written documents etc. to communicate training messaging.
  • Document specific jobs in writing and or video for future PowerPoint training.
  • Tailor training sessions and modules to various groups including our rep organization and distributors.
  • Utilizing PowerPoint, create a Sales curriculum, Product Development curriculum, Marketing curriculum and others as needed